Aluminium scaffolding for Balconies

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The best solution for balconies is this very convenient aluminium scaffolding for occasional applications such as aerial work on the facade of buildings and indoors

The basic scaffolding, supporting structure, is available with a width of 0.74 m and a length of 2.00 m / 2.50 . / 3.00 max.

The front cantilever is available with a width of 0,74 m and a height of 1,00 m

The side projection is available with a width of 0,74 m and a height of 1,00 m

Capacity: 120 kg (including 1 person) “ideal for painting and maintenance work on balconies.

It is made of lightweight tubular aluminium alloy Ø 50 mm with non-slip steps every 30cm. It does not rust and “is composed of a few elements that make it light and compact to transport and easy to assemble in minutes and without tools.

The 4 removable telescopic legs allow the upper balcony and the base of the scaffolding to be held together with the lower balcony.

To this base is attached with 4 clamps a front projection, and if necessary, a side projection

Wheel diameter: 200 mm With brake pedals (4 pcs.)

Platform with aluminium frame and laminated marine wood floor with clip, trap and anti-wind hook. The wood is painted and non-slip.

Included: instructions for use and maintenance and EN131 certificate of conformity

Warranty: 5 years

                                     For the technical brochure click Balcony scaffold


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