Aluminium scaffolding PROTUBE ST_(120) 0.75×1.35m

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The ProTube Solo range of products, which carry EN 1004-1:2020 Mobile Scaffolding Standards that have come into force worldwide, have been made much safer to install and use with their updated design. The ProTube ST model, which is a professional scaffolding system with TÜV-SÜD EN 1004-1:2020 quality certification, can be moved on wheels autonomously.

Due to its low weight, it consists of units that can be easily transported to the desired position in the workplace. The product can be easily installed up to the required height, the height at which the platform will operate can also be adjusted according to the request. Since it is made of aluminium material, it is simple to install, lightweight and convenient.

With the newly designed Safe Guardrail System, you can easily install the scaffolding without using personal fall protection equipment. The newly designed ProTube ST Professional Scaffolding System with a maximum working height of 8.5 m. offers a safer, modular and durable solution. The capacity of the platforms is 200 kg/m2. Thanks to practical fastening devices, it is installed in a short time and provides a safer working environment by extending the floor surface with laterally hinged legs (struts). Thanks to the footrest that can be fixed to the working platform located on the upper floor, the risk of equipment falling from the system during operation has been eliminated.



For the EN1004-1 certificate click here

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(Μ.) (Μ.) (Μ.)* (cm.) (cm.) (kilogram.)
ProTUBE ST230_(120) 3,73 2,3 4,3 136×73 399×336 98
ProTUBE ST440_(120) 5,84 4,4 6,4 136×73 399×336 134
ProTUBE ST650_(120) 7,94 6,5 8,5 136×73 399×336 171


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