PL003 – 8 Step Multipurpose Scaffolding Systems


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Multi-purpose aluminium scaffolding ladders can be used in different ways.

They can be used as two separate ladders by removing the platform.

These ladders can be used as a straight ladder or double extension ladder and type A ladder.

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(Μ.) (Μ.) (Μ.) (Μ.) (Μ.) (Μ.) (kilogram.) (W.xL.xH./εκ.)
PL003 2×8 2,46 4,14 2,79  4,79  2,46  3,0  4,6 63,4 59x246x38

Μέγεθος πλατφόρμας: 155 x 45 cm.


– Beam dimensions: 75×25 mm.

– Square stair profile: 30×30 mm.

– Maximum load capacity: 150 Kg


The transom at the bottom has a width of 1.00 m.

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