Professional Mounting Ladders

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RD0015CK-2 – 3-4 Step Professional Mounting Ladders

Professional wheeled platform with 2 wheels. You can stay comfortably on the large steps and work for a long time. For uses such as in warehouses, markets, shelves or in different parts of your business

Products are shipped in pre-assembled parts. You can easily install it through video and product installation instructions Available with 2, 3 and 4 steps

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(m.) (m.) (m.)* (kg.) (W.xL.xH./cm.)
RD0015CK-2 2 1,43 0,50 2,5 15,5 58x62x143
RD0015CK-3 3 1,68 0,75 2,7 20,5 58x62x168
RD0015CK-4 4 1,93 1,00 3,0 25,5 58x62x193

* Average safety height with user

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