Aluminium ladder double KRAUSE STABILO +S (conform to TRBS 2121-2)

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Two-section, multi-purpose aluminium ladder with a combination of narrow and wide steps, for TRBS 2121-2 compliant application. Used as an inclined and extending ladder with stabilizer. Due to the new, innovative narrow/wide combination in one ladder, the multi-purpose ladder can be used – depending on the use variant.
In detail:
  • Solid aluminum profiles surrounding rail for maximum stability
  • Side rails made of extruded aluminum with reinforced corners
  • Self-locking levers (AutoSnap system) for safe use and transport
  • Wide stabilizer for even greater stability
  • Slip-resistant steps 30 mm deep at the bottom of the ladder, profiles on all sides
  • Comfortable passage from step to step thanks to the innovative blue wide safety step
  • Comprehensive safety step base with 80 mm deep profile on the stair extension section to ensure that the requirements of TRBS 2121 are met;2 for stair use
  • High-strength straps sewn into metal clips
  • Slip-resistant leg covers and plugs (SafetyCap)

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