Smart Level Ladder CAGSAN EN131


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The SMART LEVEL, with its adjustable crossbar and safe working position on the sloping floor, is very practical and useful for paved floors with a call.

The tilt adjustment pin is a very secure feature, the red step limits you to where you step and a hook lock system that indicates the safe end point. The ladder is equipped with wheels that allow easy driving on the wall.

The product with all lengths has TÜV-SÜD quality certificates.

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Rungs A (m.) A1 (m.) B1 (m.)* (kg.) (WxLxH/cm.)
PRO_2x8 2×8 2,43 3,90 4,67 15,4 41x245x11,5
PRO_2x10 2×10 2,97 4,93 5,46 17,6 41x297x11,5
PRO_2x12 2×12 3,54 6,06 6,52 19,8 41x354x11,5

Rungs A (m.) A1 (m.) B1 (m.)* (kg.) (WxLxH/cm.)
PRO_3x8 3×8 2,45 5,25 5,75 23,8 48x240x16
PRO_3x10 3×10 2,97 6,89 7,32 25,0 48x290x18
PRO_3x12 3×12 3,54 8,58 8,90 28,4 48x350x18

* Average safe height when used on red step.


– Square Rung Profile: 30×30 mm
– Maximum Load Capacity: 150 Kg.
– Equipments: Aluminium U Profile, Rubber Feet.

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