Aluminium ladder double CAGSAN EN131

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Double combination aluminium staircase EN131

The multifunctional double-part stairs can be used in 2 different positions: Resting on a fixed surface or in type A position.

The stabilizers reinforced with an aluminium bracket minimise wobble, stabilise the ladder and prevent unintentional detachment of the ladder sections during long-term use. The safety strap prevents the ladder from over-opening and distributes the load proportionally.

With the fixing wrench included in the package, you can install your ladder stabiliser without the need for additional equipment.

– Beam dimensions: 75×25 mm
– Square stair profile: 30×30 mm
– Maximum load capacity.

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(Μ.) (Μ.) (Μ.)* (Μ.) (Μ.)* (weight.) (WxDxH/cm.)
TSA85 2×9 2,72 2,55 3,7 4,68 5,3 11,0 41x272x14,5
TSA7 2×12 3,55 3,35 4,6 6,07 6,7 17,8 41x355x16,8
TSA8 2×14 4,10 3,86 5,1 7,18 7,5 18,4 41x410x16,8


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