Aluminium ladder type A double-sided CAGSAN

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Two people can work on the ladder at the same time. The hook on one side can be fixed to a step while the other hook is fixed to a different step and this allows these ladders to be used on graded floors.

The expansion is fixed with strong straps and the risk of slipping is eliminated with rubber foot covers. The sliding system and step locking system are extremely durable and secure. These ladders are practical and lightweight due to their aluminium construction and can be used in a variety of spaces.

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(Μ.) (Μ.) (Μ.)* (weight.) (WxDxH/cm.)
TA002 2×6 1,88 2,88 4,1 22,6 41x188x29,4
TA003 2×10 2,98 4,70 5,9 29,6 41x298x30,0
TA004 2×14 4,10 6,59 7,8 36,2 41x410x29,6

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