Aluminum Platform Vario Compact KRAUSE Stabilo Aluminium Platform

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Folding one-sided aluminium platform ladder with small base and options between stabilizers and ballast weights for use in narrow aisles

  • extremely large 650 x 545 mm platform with corrugated surface
  • The different lengths of the stabilizers as well as the possibility of variable stabilizers ensure that a considerable working height can be achieved while small floor space is required
  • Steps 80 mm deep for safe climbing
  • With a three-sided platform rail and handrails on both sides
  • Ideal for use in narrow aisles with working heights above 4,0 m and a width of only 820 mm
  • High-strength side step/side rail connections
  • Equipped with two wheels
  • Supplied in pre-assembled sections

Available from 3,10 m to 5,30 m Working height

Also available in 3 different widths: 0,82 – 1,44 – 2,07

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