STABILO Professional Double-sided step ladder R13

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Developed for professional use, this double-sided aluminium step ladder offers the highest level of stability in daily, heavy duty use – especially in slippery, greasy workplaces

  • 80 mm deep R13 steps with open hole pattern for safe standing
  • No clogging of the profile by mud, snow or ice possible. Climbing on the ladder ensures a self-cleaning function as dirt can fall through the holes and liquids can run off
  • High-strength aluminium hinges
  • Screwed hinge connections and strap links
  • High-strength flanged step/side rail connections
  • Extra large side rails for heavy duty use
  • Spread lock due to bolted and exchangeable straps
  • Flush side rail/step seams – no edges
  • Additional corner bracing at the lower step for more stability
  • Slip-resistant, replaceable foot plugs (SafetyCap)

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