DeWalt Professional Step Ladder Single 250kg max load


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10 reasons to choose DeWalt ladders

  1. Industrial ladder class 1 – maximum load 250kg, EN & BS 131-1-2-3 certification.

  2. 5 years hard use warranty.

  3. Very wide 10 cm step for a strong and safe surface.

  4. There are no welds or rivets but a connection that gives even greater strength and safety.

  5. Powder coated profiles for increased strength and additional corrosion resistance.

  6. Large non-slip rubber feet for increased stability, stainless steel screws and nuts.

  7. The safe construction of the accessories prevents hand injuries

  8. The large XL platform allows for a comfortable and safe position and can be locked in place without risk of injury.

  9. The diagonally cut steps in combination with the vertical side beam ensure a very stable fixing and give the staircase the necessary rigidity.

  10. All products are with very low after-sale requirements. The rubber treads are easy to replace using basic tools.

MAX Load 250Kg


EN 131-1-2-3-4

Accompanied by a 5 year warranty, hard use.


The company DeWALT with the highest quality standards in the global market with a strong emphasis on safety, durability and quality, chooses us as a distributor of products in the Greek market.

The DeWalt Professional Double Step Ladder is a Class 1 industrial ladder with a 250 kg capacity, certified for EN 131 1-2-3-4.

Designed for strength, stability and durability, it comes with a 5-year warranty.

The ladder is powder coated for increased protection against corrosion.

There are no more welded joints or rivets, giving even greater strength and safety. The 10cm deep non-slip steps and large platform allow for a comfortable and safe standing position, the large non-slip rubber feet enhance the strength of the ladder and are some of the largest in the industry; and it is built to prevent hand injuries.

DEWALT products are developed, engineered and manufactured to the exact requirements of those who use our tools. Professionals around the world rely on these tools to get the job done:  WHATEVER THE JOB, WHENEVER THE JOB, WHEREVER THE JOB. Every DEWALT . Every DEWALT product is extensively tested by genuine construction professionals under the most demanding jobsite conditions. DEWALT tools are entitled to carry the Guaranteed Tough label – in the hands of real users


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