ProTUBE F Aluminium Folding Scaffolding 0.75X2.00m

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Thanks to the one-motion folding it saves space and time and provides ease of installation and handling. In tight spaces, when you have to go from room to room or corridors you can effortlessly fold it up and turn it easily. 

Pro TUBE F models are offered in 3 different sizes. It consists of structural elements from the Protube system Protube scaffolding Φ50 mm diameter and 1.8mm thick aluminium and the height of the platform is adjustable every 30cm. It is made of aluminium material, simple to install, lightweight and easy to use. 

It offers safe, modular, durable and cost-effective solutions up to 5.65 m. working height

– lightweight construction
– large safety rail , 1,10m high
– easy assembly
– resistant to all weather conditions
– Easy movement thanks to the Φ125 mm wheels
– reliable and compact system

with adjustable wheel F200 mm with extra charge 250.00 € (4sq.m.)

ProTUBE F Karelia

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(m.) (m.) (m.)* (cm.) (cm.) (kg.)
ProTUBE F90 1,95 0,94 2,9 196×73 321×444 37
ProTUBE F180 3,06 1,84 3,8 196×73 321×444 62
ProTUBE F360 4,86 3,65 5,6 196×73 321×444 9

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